Meet Karmen

I am Karmen, an artist, a romantic, a photographer. I have 10 years of experience in fashion, family and wedding photography. My photographs have been published in various magazines. I regularly shoot fashion campaigns, which helps bringing a fashion touch to the table at weddings.


I would describe my style as romantic, poetic, creative and elegant. Inspiration comes from the people, the moment, the light. It is the way the groom looks at his future bride, the way the wind is carrying her veil, the way the father smiles at his daughter — all things that are unique to the day. I’m always looking for that magic. I look for in-between moments to capture a moment the couple will treasure. I genuinely believe that everyone carries a touch of mystery, and my job is to help unfold their story through the image.


I am a hopelessly romantic photographer in love with weddings, not a wedding photographer. Storytelling is important to me, and I edit each wedding to reflect our couple’s big day and their personalities.





“My aim is to tell a beautiful timeless story with photos that will take you back to your magical moment, making it possible for you to look back on your photos many years from now and still be able to feel it.”

Why me?

Raw emotions

Timeless photographs

Fashion inspired




Booking season 2019/2020.

There are a few dates available in 2019, don’t hesitate to contact me. I started booking season 2020, if you would like to talk to me about your special occasion please e-mail or fill out a form in the contact page.