Marina is a designer, known as Larie, I often shoot fashion campaigns for. The first time we met we clicked. Now, behind us are a few years of amazing and inspiring collaborations. After the second shooting we had Marina told me she is getting married and she wants me to shoot it. Shooting editorials and campaigns is a lot different then shooting a wedding. There are no retakes, no studio lighting to fix the light, no posing. When shooting weddings I always feel jitters and I must say, I like it! Marina and Kreso got married in Slovenia. The scenery of their wedding was gorgeous, castle surrounded by lake and lots and lots of rain. I remember arriving to the hotel room and Marina was so devastated because they had to move the wedding indoors. There really always is sunshine after the rain and it happened a half an hour before the ceremony. Everyone helped to quickly set up the ceremony outdoor and the light was spectacular. Here’s their love story.